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Brady & Al

"Brady's first 'assignment' with P.A.W.S. was at The Light House in Annapolis. The Light House has provided emergency shelter, transitional and supportive housing, homelessness prevention, and related support services to people who are homeless and at risk of homelessness in Anne Arundel County for almost 30 years.

The staff who 'interviewed' him were delighted at his energy and friendliness and asked that we come every Thursday for an hour before dinner. We set up "house" on a couch in the lobby with blanket and cookie supplies.

At first people were curious. They would come over and ask about him and if it was OK to pet him. Of course Brady was happy to meet them all, giving wags and amazing people at how friendly and outgoing he was given that he was blind and deaf. It was our hope that seeing how he overcame some serious challenges would inspire some of the folks that came to see him.

Not only did he inspire them, but the greatest thing he did was to comfort and cheer those who were sad and hurting. At times a person who seemed sad and withdrawn would come and sit next to him ... pet him… cuddle him... let him sit in their lap. They would stroke his fur and lean down to whisper quietly in his ear. Sometimes they talked to him for quite a while. I made a point of not listening, but they always smiled and left with whatever had burdened them eased. Brady magic.

He attracted a loyal following as well. There was a group of about 5 "regulars" who looked forward to his visit every Thursday and would come to visit him, sit with him, and ask for and get kisses. Some sadly spoke of dogs that they had to surrender because of their circumstances and said seeing Brady was comforting to them and gave them hope that when they were in a better place they could get a dog ... one like Brady would be nice.

Brady loved his work for P.A.W.S. and was a great example of the good work that P.A.W.S. does... touching people's lives with joy, comfort, and companionship."

Cody & Bert

     "One day I was asked to visit a very sick man with Cody. The man enjoyed talking & petting Cody. Later, his daughter told me her father had died. Then she said, before he died, he talked about Cody, how he loved seeing him. I'm all choked up writing this. This is why we do this. Cody & all his P.A.W.S. teammates make people happy. When we visit patients, we see happiness. It makes me feel good. I know all the volunteers probably have similar stories."